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Accelerated Master of Science in Cyber Operations and Resilience

The accelerated version of the Master of Science in Cyber Operations and Resilience is designed to allow selected undergraduate students to be admitted into the graduate cyber program and begin their advanced coursework while completing their bachelor’s degrees.

Students in this program can enroll in up to six credits of 500-level courses during the last two semesters of their undergraduate career. These 500-level courses can be used to satisfy the degree requirements for both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Students interested in the accelerated program should contact the graduate student success coach prior to the beginning of the final year of their undergraduate degree coursework to find out whether this program would be a good fit for their goals.

Contact the gCORe Student Success Coach

Admitted students are subject to all academic performance requirements of the Graduate College, including cumulative GPA, program GPA and individual course grade requirements. In addition, admitted students are subject to all administrative requirements of the Graduate College, including required forms and submission due dates.


To be eligible for admission, students must be a current Boise State University undergraduate student or an undergraduate student at an institution where Boise State credits will be recognized. They also must meet the following criteria by the end of the semester in which they apply:

  1. Completion of at least 75 credits required for the undergraduate degree, by the end of the application semester.
  2. A minimum GPA of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale in at least two semesters of Boise State undergraduate courses AND a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Meeting the listed eligibility standards does not guarantee acceptance into the accelerated master’s program. Acceptance is based upon an evaluation and recommendation provided by the cyber program director to the dean of the Graduate College, who will make the final admission decision. The recommendation and decision will be based on the strength of the application materials and career trajectory of the applicant.


Students admitted into the accelerated master’s program can register for CORE 500 (3), CORE 550 (3), CORE 560 (3), or CORE 570 (3) during the last two semesters of their undergraduate career.

Registering for any 500-level course requires students to complete the Permit for Seniors to Take Graduate Courses form, available via the Office of the Registrar website.

Students who are accepted into the accelerated master’s program and are also enrolled in the undergraduate cyber program can register for CORE 550, CORE 560, CORE 551, CORE 561 or CORE 562.

Students who have previously completed the 400-level undergraduate versions of dual-listed 500-level CORe courses won’t be permitted to enroll in the graduate version of the course or courses. If these courses are required for the master’s degree, the student will work with the program coordinator to identify acceptable substitutes.

The 30 credit hours required for the master’s degree must consist of 500-level CORe courses; 400-level CORe courses may not be applied to the master’s degree requirements.

After Receiving Your Bachelor’s Degree

Students will be admitted to the cyber graduate degree program with “conditional” status, pending completion of their undergraduate degree.

Once they complete their undergraduate degree requirements and the degree is posted by the Registrar’s Office, admitted students will be classified as Cyber Operations and Resilience graduate students.

At that time, they are eligible to apply to the graduate program for a Graduate Assistantship, if available and the student is eligible.