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Video Transcript – Accepting Financial Aid

Learn about accepting and receiving the financial aid you were offered with Natalie Newell, Financial Aid Counselor.

Video Transcript

After my aid is awarded, what do I need to do next?

[Natalie Newell, Financial Aid Counselor] After aid is awarded, it’s very important that you log into your Student Center account and you need to accept that aid. What’s great about this process is you can pick and choose how much aid you need for the full academic year. It’s important to note that what you are accepting will be divided between two semesters, so just plan ahead, think about what you need, and it’s also important to note that if you accept aid and you need additional aid or less, you can always contact our office and we’ll happily walk you through that process.

When do I actually get my financial aid funds?

[Natalie] After you accept your aid, just note that you won’t receive it until 10 days prior to the start of classes. Financial aid pays whatever is due on your Student Center account once it’s released, so if there’s an additional amount left over, that will go back to your personal account through direct deposit.

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