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Video Transcript – When Does Financial Aid Arrive

Learn about when to apply and the requirements for financial aid with Natalie Newell, Financial Aid Counselor.

Video Transcript

When should I apply for financial aid?

[Natalie Newell, Financial Aid Counselor] We recommend filling out the FAFSA as soon as you apply to the program. If you think that you’re going to need financial aid, if you’re unsure if you need financial aid, go ahead and fill out that FAFSA and send it in. Filling out the FAFSA doesn’t mean that you are already signing on to that unsubsidized loan, it just means that you will at least know what you’ve been offered.

When is my financial aid awarded?

[Natalie] As an online MBA student, it’s important to know that you will not be awarded your aid until after you have registered for your classes. For the online MBA, you need to be enrolled in at least two classes per semester, whether that’s two classes per session or one class for each session of the semester, to be eligible for federal financial aid.

We will contact you within two to three weeks after that application has been sent to Boise State, letting you know that you’ve been awarded your financial aid. It’s important to check your BroncoMail frequently and your Student Center for updates.

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