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Customizable and flexible professional development.

On-site Learning Opportunities

Experience the convenience and flexibility of on-site learning programs provided by Boise State Professional and Continuing Education. Educational programming is tailored to your organization, industry and schedule. Services are designed and delivered by a qualified industry expert and customized to address your organizational priorities and challenges.

Bring Boise State University experts to your organization.

Strengthen internal networks and apply customized content to your practices and your employees. Improve employee performance with educational programming that includes consulting, coaching and/or specialized learning opportunities.

Previous on-site programs:

Building a team

  • Explore effective organizations, fostering collective creativity, the power of teams or group decision-making.

Leveraging your DISC assessment

  • Reveal the behavioral makeup that is unique to each individual.

Understanding your driving forces

  • Measure why a person does what they do; define and identify what motivates people

Communication in the workplace

  • Learn about resolving workplace conflict, generations in the workplace or negotiation skills.

Cultivating effective leaders

  • Enhance mentoring skills, stress management tactics or principles of successful leadership.

Developing employee skillsets

  • Project management, writing for clarity, effective presentations or high-quality customer service to the resumes of your employees.

Companies, organizations, agencies and individuals tell us what they need and we develop solutions tailored to those needs. Get in touch for an assessment of your organization by filling out the following form.

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