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Do I need to be registered as a student at Boise State to take a continuing education course?

No, all Professional and Continuing Education courses are open enrollment. You can search for the course you want on the home page and click through to the course description to enroll. An application to Boise State is not required.

Can I register a group of participants all at once? If so, how do I go about this?

To register groups of more than two, go to the online Group Registration Form, complete and submit it to us. If you have any questions, call our Customer Services Unit at (208) 426-1709.

How do I cancel or change a registration? What is your cancellation policy?

You cannot cancel/change a registration online. You must contact our Customer Services Unit by phone at (208) 426-1709. Visit our Cancellation Policy web page to see our cancellation policy.

When can I talk to someone about my registration questions?

The Customer Services Unit at (208) 426-1709 is open Mon.-Fri. from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. MST. 


Do you give discounts?

A variety of discounts are available. These include group registrations for three or more from the same organization for the same class, select professional affiliations, and student and Boise State employee discounts. Only one discount per class will be given. Different discounts apply to different programs. If multiple discounts apply to a program, only the one that provides the biggest discount is awarded. You will need to register by phone with our Customer Services Unit at (208) 426-1709 to receive the highest discount.

Can you invoice my organization for my registration?

Yes, we can. Please call our Customer Services Unit at (208) 426-1709. They will process your registration and will gather the information needed to invoice your organization.

Can I use my Army COOL or Air Force COOL tuition assistance funding for continuing education courses?

Yes. Submit your approved Award Authorization document from your branch’s education platform and we will email you once the funding has been applied to your account.


What is the validation process for the courses I attend at Professional and Continuing Education?

We award Continuing Education Units (CEUs) that apply to professional recertification requirements but do not apply towards a degree. Digital badges are also awarded upon completion of some of our courses.

Boise State Employees

I am a Boise State employee. How do I get my employee discount?

You can receive your employee discount on professional development courses that qualify by:

Ed 2 Go

Who do I contact regarding questions about online ed2go courses?

You can reach our ed2go administrator at (208) 426-3861. You may also find more information about classes at the Center’s ed2go website.