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Korean Ancillary Activities and OER Materials

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Featured Activities

photo of students in a study group

“공부 같이 할래요?/Would You Like to Study Together?”
Novice High

In this activity, students will be either asking for a favor or making suggestions. They will answer the questions and will practice how to use connector phrases appropriately through a matching activity.

photo of suitcase and passport

“여행사/ Travel Agency”
Intermediate Mid

In this activity, students will become travel agents. They will read the descriptions of a set of travelers and plan the trip according to the travelers’ interests.

Additional OER Projects & Resources

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About the Pathways Project Materials

Many of the activities on the Pathways Project OER Commons Repository are created by upper-division students at Boise State University and serve as a foundation that our community of practice can build upon and refine. While they are polished, we welcome and encourage collaboration from language instructors to help modify grammar, syntax, and content where needed. Kindly contact us at with any suggestions and we will update the content in a timely manner.