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K-12 Teaching Resources

This strand is developed as a component of a NASA Cooperative Project – The Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve STEM Network. Forging a partnership with the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve, the program aims to:

About i-STEM

i-STEM is a summer professional development opportunity for educators (PK-12) working in both classroom and informal settings. During the Institute, participants attend a strand on project-based, hands-on learning as well as general sessions tied to the Institute. Each participant receives a kit of instructional materials unique to their strand, so that they can implement what they have learned in their own teaching environments.

Lesson Plans

Earth's Place In The Universe
Idaho Science Content StandardGrade Level Key IdeasNASA ResourcesLesson Plan
1-ESS-1.11stPatterns of Sun, Moon, and StarsAstronomy for the Very Young

Sun's Patterns: Day and Night
Sun's Patterns: Day and Night
5-ESS-1.25thPatterns of Daily ChangesChanging ShadowsHow Fast Does the Earth Spin?
1-ESS-1.11stPatterns of Sun, Moon, and StarsAstronomy for the Very YoungBear's Shadow
5-ESS-1.25thPatterns of Daily ChangesChanging ShadowsMe and My Shadow
MS-ESS-1.1MSEarth, Moon, Sun MotionsTime Zones and Universal TimeNoontime Around The World
5-ESS-1.1K-8Light Pollution ImpactsPoints of LightLight Pollution Engineering Challenge
5-ESS-1.25thPatterns of Sun, Moon, and StarsNight Sky PlannerStar Finder
5-ESS-1.15thBrightness of Sun and Stars in relation to distancesSun As A StarLight and Distance Investigation
5-ESS-1.25thSeasonal Change of ConstellationsSeasonal Stars
MS-ESS-1.1MSModeling Phases of the Moon JPL Guide

Oreo Moon Phases
Why do we see Phases of the Moon?
3-ESS-1.13rdSeasonal Change of Temperature