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Visit the Observatory

Boise State Astronomical Observatory

Students in the astronomical observatory

Tonight’s Update (June 21st)

Looks like it will be of the clearest nights yet!  meet us at 10 pm stargazing!

Plan your visit

The Observatory will be open on Friday nights just after sunset (view sunset times) until midnight, if the weather permits. Announcements will be made each Friday at 12:00 pm MT on this page to let the public know if the Observatory will be open or closed and what time to arrive.

Due to the limited capacity of the Observatory, we require reservations, and reservations close at 12 pm MT each Friday. If you can’t reserve your spot in time please still come if you’re interested!

Fill out our reservation form to secure your spot.

Location, Directions and Parking

The Boise State Observatory is located on top of the Science/Education Building (view on map).

Address: 2133 Cesar Chavez Lane.

The best place to park is the Brady Street Garage (view on map). Visitors will either need a parking pass or to pay at the kiosk.

What to Expect

We will do our very best to make your Observatory experience an enjoyable event filled with the wonders of the night sky. A typical Observatory visit will look like the following:

  • Stargazing requires clear skies. If it’s cloudy, we will not be able to show you any celestial objects. Celestial objects such as stars and planets are already pre-selected for each event depending on the month and season. We will not be able to accommodate personal requests.
  • For any visit, our astronomers will guide you and will be happy to answer any question you would have.
  • In case stargazing happens, keep in mind that the temperature in the dome is nearly the same as the outside temperature, so we encourage you to check the weather forecast and dress appropriately.


Getting to the Observatory includes an elevator ride and two flights of stairs.

Please note that, unfortunately, the Observatory is not wheelchair accessible. We may be able to make accommodations with prior reservations.

Want to donate?

To support our Astronomy program and Observatory,  Visit our giving page to donate!