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Dr. Daniel Fologea, Associate Professor of Physics, has published an article about liposomes as adjuvants for antimicrobial and antiviral therapy

Dr. Daniel Fologea has published an article called “Liposomes as adjuvants for antimicrobial and antiviral therapy”.

In spite of all the efforts put forth into developing new antibiotics, drugs, and vaccines, over ten million people die each year around the world from infectious diseases. Among other factors, this is a direct result of the development of resistance to antibiotics, lack of vaccination in a timely manner, and/or unavailability of drugs or vaccines. Within the last decades Ebola, SARS, Zika, West Nile, and Corona virus (COVID-19)  outbursts found us unprepared with vaccines and resulted in numerous fatalities. Even when antibiotics and vaccines are available and properly used, they do not ensure full protection. This exacerbating situation, of extreme social and economic importance, demands developments of alternative strategies for improving the clinical outcome of antimicrobial and antiviral therapies.