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Boise State Physics First Friday Astronomy Fall 2020 Schedule

Fall 2020 Event Lineup:

September 4: Prof. Darci Snowden, Dept. of Physics, Central Washington
Peering Through the Haze:
Titan’s Fascinating Atmosphere and Surface

October 2: Dr. Laura Mayorga, Space Telescope Science Institute
The Solor System Laboratory:
A Testbed for Exoplanet Studies

November 6: Prof. Barbara Ryden, Dept. of Astronomy, Ohio State
A Practical Guide to Time Travel

December 4: Dr. Cathy Olkin, Southwest Research Institute
NASA’s Lucy Mission:
1 Spacecraft, 7 Trojan Asteroids, 12 years

Virtual Lectures at 7:30PM MT on the First Friday of the month
Events are open to the public and donation-supported. Donate at

Fall 2020 Line-Up Flyer