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Students from Fologea’s lab publish article in Membranes

The journal Membranes recently published an article by a team of graduate and undergraduate students in the lab of Daniel Fologea, professor of physics, at Boise State University. The article, “Experimental Investigations on the Conductance of Lipid Membranes under Differential Hydrostatic Pressure,” shows that the unassisted transport of inorganic ions through lipid membranes has become increasingly relevant to an expansive range of biological phenomena.

Authors include Boise State Department of Physics students Pangaea W. Finn, Fulton McKinney, Dallin Pankratz, Aviana R. Smith and Elen A. Gardner along with physics and biomolecular sciences graduate students Andrew Bogard and Rose Whiting. Fologea, the corresponding author, gratefully acknowledges support for this work from the Biomolecular Research Center.

Read full article here