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Meet Pangaea Finn from the School of Arts

Pangaea Finn, a 2022 Goldwater scholar triple majoring in mathematics, physics and music performance

Pangea Finn is “next-level incredible!” writes, Rachel Reeves of Boise State. Finn is currently a senior majoring in physics, math, and piano performance.

“I’m an Early College student, and started taking classes here at age 13. At the time, public school wasn’t working out, and Boise State was just the kind of education I needed,” says Finn, “Since I started here, I’ve also conducted research in membrane biophysics with Dr. Daniel Fologea, studying the ion transport properties of lysenin channels and membranes under stress.”

For this work, she was awarded an INBRE fellowship and a Goldwater scholarship, one of the oldest and most prestigious national scholarships in natural sciences, engineering and mathematics.  If that wasn’t impressive enough, she is also teaching a 200-level physics lab.

“In addition to physics,” continues Finn, “I love to play piano and I’m honored to be able to study it in detail. I’ve taken lessons from Dr. Del Parkinson for the last five years and performed at numerous local competitions and events;. My senior recital is coming up later this semester. I’m also an avid writer of poetry and long-form fiction.”

Finn was recently featured playing piano in the new Boise State University “Your Best Comes Out of the Blue” television spot, which premiered nationally last month and can be viewed here.  Post graduation, Finn plans to head out of state to pursue a graduate degree in physics.