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September Alumni Spotlight-Nathan Epstein

nathan epstein white coat ceremonyNathan Epstein, M2 at Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine, Boise State Alumni

Nathan graduated from Boise State University in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Human Biology emphasis and a minor in Chemistry.  Nathan originally a Nevada native from Las Vegas, Nevada came to Boise State with the goal of pursuing medicine. Before attending the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine in Meridian, Idaho he sought and conferred a Master of Science at the University of Kentucky in 2019. He participates in the Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA) student organization and is interested in helping other pre-medical students succeed in becoming physicians.

Three adjectives that describe you:

Perseverant, Flexible, and a Bronco :)

What is it like being a medical student during a pandemic?

It’s been challenging, but doable. Flexibility is crucial in medicine and even though what you picture may not be your reality being able to think outside the box, try new things, and most importantly, fail well leads to successful patient outcomes. This has not been the year I’d envisioned since I was 6 years old, but I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

What do you think was the most important experience you had at Boise State?

It’s impossible to limit this to just one experience, however, one that stands out was the Convocation prior to my first day. I still remember sitting in the Morrison Center listening to my first lecture. It was a true transition from High School Senior without responsibility, to beginning development into a pillar of the community.

Do you think Boise State prepared you for medical school/career?


What resources did you use at Boise State to prepare you for your medical career?

I used various resources course-specific resources (CIC, office hours, optional tutoring, etc) in addition to various connections that I developed over the course of my undergraduate years to guide my journey through a Masters’s degree and now Medical School.

What do you wish you would have known before becoming a medical student?

One of my favorite Steinbeck quotes:
” I am not a writer. I’ve been fooling myself and other people. “

I wish that I understood that we ALL experience self-doubt and we all go through bouts of Imposter Syndrome. The mental side of the application and matriculation process is daunting and even though you’ll second guess yourself every step of the way, you are good enough and you will be a success in your field.

What would you tell yourself now knowing what you know now about applying to your professional school?

See above- it blended!

Would you like to talk with Nathan about his experiences? If so, please contact Erin Colburn at Please also note, Nathan came to the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine Information Session on September 16th and you can view the recording of his experience and the information/demonstration of OMM he shared.