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College of Health Sciences Lending Library

Lending Library

The purpose of the College of Health Sciences Lending Library is available for Boise State students to give those seeking a pre-professional pathway an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the variety of materials available for entrance exam preparation. Our library contains preparation materials for multiple entrance exams, a selection of common coursework texts, and medical reference books. The library is free for students to use anytime with a book check-in/check-out system.

Entrance Exam Resources Found in the Lending Library

Depending on your entrance exam select the link that best suits your needs.

Medical College Admission Test

Medical College Admissions Test

Dental Admission Test

Dental Admissions Test

Graduate Record Exam

Graduate Record Exam

Pharmacy College Admissions Test

Pharmacy College Admission Test

Optometry Admission Test

Optometry Admission Test

Other Materials

Other Materials

Check-out procedures

  • During non-testing time frames, books can be checked out for 2 weeks time periods
  • You may check out 1 subject at a time and pull from no more than 2 different publishers Ex: You may take a biology review from Kaplan and Princeton
Learn More about Procedures and Checkout Form