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Faith traditions and talking across differences

Boise State University presented “Conviction and Conversation in Contested Times: How do we use the wisdom of faith traditions as a guide for talking across differences?” on Dec. 10.

“Religious communities gather people of similar spiritual commitments, but they also may house people of different political orientations, economic circumstances and ethnic or racial backgrounds. This panel of faith leaders provides an opportunity to hear about the interplay of such commonalities and differences in a context of each tradition’s ultimate commitments,” Finstuen said. “Universities have been central to such idea exchange since the 11th century, a 1,000-year run indicative of the value of honoring different convictions while insisting on conversation toward the preservation of the whole.”

Panelists include Rabbi Daniel Fink (Judaism), Said Ahmed-Zaid (Islam), Rev. Sara LaWall (Unitarian Universalism), Mark Thornton (Evangelical Protestantism), Msgr. Joseph da Silva (Catholicism) and Zach Evans (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). Moderated by Andrew Finstuen, dean of the Honors College.