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41st Annual

President's Writing Awards

Currently in its 41st year, the President’s Writing Awards contest honors undergraduate writing at Boise State.

Find details for submitting your manuscript for consideration in the current year and review all past winners.

Participate in the 2022-2023 President's Writing Awards


Thank you to all participants from this year’s President’s Writing Awards! The competition was robust and the overall quality of submissions was outstanding. Winning submissions will be announced in early April.

Manuscript submission deadline: 3/17/2023

Contest categories are open to all manuscripts produced for undergraduate coursework at Boise State anytime from Spring 2022 through Spring 2023. Previously published work is not eligible. A student may enter multiple categories but may submit no more than one entry to each category.

For consideration, all manuscripts must be submitted by Friday March 17th.

Honorarium, Art Design

Alexis Koebernick, 2022 Designer
Clara Adams, 2021 Designer
Alexandra Chavez, 2020 Designer
Malena Darden, 2019 Designer

Winners for Creative Nonfiction

Winners for Critical Analysis

Winners for Fiction

Winner for First-Year Writing

Winners for Foundations of Ethics and Diversity

Winners for Identity, Culture, and Languages

Winners for Poetry

Winners for Research

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