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Each year the President’s Writing Awards works with a graphic design student to create posters, fliers, and banners to market the awards. Alexandra Chavez designed the poster for the 2020 President’s Writing Awards.

About Alexandra

Alexandra (Lexi) Chavez was born in Texas and shortly moved to Boise after she was born. Since 2001 she has called Boise home and decided to stick around for college. When she was younger she loved drawing fantasy creatures and always sketched them in her notebook. She continued this into high school where she also gained a passion for design and finally took the next step in improving her artwork. Although she still loved to code and create things with her hands, she decided that she wanted to go a more digital route. Lexi then found out about GIMM (Games and Interactive Media & Mobile) at Boise State University, where she was able to combine her love of art and code. Lexi also works in Web Design as her job and works to code sites for clients, she enjoys her coding work and any graphic work she receives.

2020 Poster Design

The 2020 poster design features a prominent heading with the words President’s Writing Awards 2020, highlighted within a orange shaded text box. Behind the heading are icons of pencils in different colors and lengths. The pencil design element is repeated at the end of the poster as well. The poster contains sections for the content deadline, categories, prize amounts, and submission details.

View larger 2020 winning poster
President’s Writing Awards 2020 Poster by Alexandra Chavez. Select to view full image in a new window.