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Deralyn Owen, 2023 1st Place Identity, Culture, and Languages

The Identity, Culture, and Languages category welcomes submissions that focus on exploring elements of identity, culture, or languages, through the written word. This category seeks writing that investigates the human experience, particularly through perspectives that are frequently marginalized or excluded, which may include members of the LGBT+ community, people with disabilities, non-citizens, and multilingual writers. Submissions are open to projects written in any course, at any level. There are no length limits for this category. Deralyn Owen wrote the 1st place submission in the Identity, Cultures, and Languages category for the 2023 President’s Writing Awards.

About Deralyn

Deralyn Owen, an Asian woman in a suit jacket, sitting on a carpeted floor in front of a plant

Deralyn Owen is a Boise native and is in her last semester at Boise State. Majoring in Health Studies with an emphasis in Health Informatics and Information Management, she aims to go into healthcare after graduation. Outside of academics, Deralyn likes to make collages out of outdated textbooks and magazines, play music and, of course, write.

Winning Manuscript – unfold an origami swan, and flatten the paper

(Per the author’s request, “unfold an origami swan, and flatten the paper” is unavailable to access on this website).