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Claire Cunningham, 2024 1st Place First-Year Writing

Any student enrolled in English 101P, 101, 102, or 112 during Spring 2022 through Spring 2023 may submit an essay of any kind on any topic. There are no length limits for this category. Claire Cunningham wrote the 1st place submission in the First-Year Writing category for the 2023 President’s Writing Awards

About Claire

Claire with chest length blonde hair with her head rested on her hand, smiling at the camera

Claire Cunningham is a Boise native and a current sophomore at BSU. Majoring in Film & Television, she plans to go into film after graduation, taking whatever job will have her. Outside of academics, Claire enjoys going to the movie theater, writing, reading, and live-tweeting episodes of Abbott Elementary.

Winning Manuscript – Girlhood

(Per the author’s request, “Girlhood” is unavailable to access on this website).