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Sarah Gentile – Recent Psychology Graduate and Recipient of the 2023 Fulbright Scholarship

Congratulations to Sarah Gentile, recipient of the prestigious 2023 Fulbright Scholarship!

When contacted about her achievement, Sarah had this to say:

“Hello! I am Sarah Gentile, a lover of dance, travel, and living spontaneously! I recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Psychology. My ideal way of life and the way to fully live and cherish it is to constantly push myself out of my comfort zone. Starting out at Boise State, I had no idea of all I was capable of until I started throwing myself into uncomfortable situations. These situations were dreams depicting how I wanted to live my life and who I wanted to be. Fulbright was one of these dreams that I believed was unattainable until I started acting on it. Receiving the ETA position in the Canary Islands is a dream come true to me that I am still trying to accept as reality. I am beyond excited to teach English to young students abroad, learn how to surf, get involved in dancing (as always), and live in paradise. It is more than I could ask for. I plan to adapt to island life, become a teacher, and travel to Morocco! After this dream has come to an end, I plan to start the next dream as a Peace Corps volunteer for a few years, then start graduate school to continue my studies in psychology and became a therapist. I am ecstatic for what my future holds for me!” – Sarah Gentile