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Boise State’s Public Health Team is available to anyone who has questions or concerns about COVID-19 or other infectious diseases. 

Boise State Public Health can be reached at: or (208) 426-2968.  Our regular office hours are 8 am – 5 pm weekdays.

When should you contact Boise State Public Health?

    • If you have tested positive for COVID-19
    • If you are feeling symptomatic
    • If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19
    • If you have any other questions or concerns regarding COVID-19 or other infectious diseases

What happens when you contact the Public Health Team?

  1. If you have tested positive for COVID-19: education, next steps, and resources will be provided.  If you are a resident student, you will be connected to available on-campus isolation housing.
  2. If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19: your symptoms will be evaluated to determine if isolation and/or COVID-19 testing is needed.
  3. If you may have been exposed: your potential exposures will be evaluated and guidance regarding testing, masking, and resources will be shared.
  4. For all:
      • Appropriate education, information, and resources will be shared with you.
      • An appropriate date (subject to change) to discontinue isolation, test, mask, etc. will be provided.
      • Notices of absence will be sent as appropriate to faculty and supervisors.  

Communication with individuals and locations outside of the Boise State campus community will be conducted by Central District Health.

Additional Campus COVID-19 Contacts

On-Campus COVID-19 Testing and Results Questions
Website: Public Health Testing Center
Phone: (208) 426-1523

Vaccination Appointment or General Vaccination Questions
Website: Public Health Vaccination Clinic
Phone: (208) 426-1523

Genetics and Infectious Disease Lab
Phone: (208) 426-1038

Our Staff

    • Clinical Program Director – Dr. Stephanie Hudon 
    • Senior Public Health Officer – Maureen Welcker
    • Administrative Assistant – Laura South
    • Laboratory Technician – Alex Hardy
    • Laboratory Technician – Molly Hansen
    • Nurse Practioner – Staci Marsh

Boise State Public Health was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The office reports to the Chief Financial and Operating Officer and Vice President for Finance and Operations.

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