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This past spring, the Parking and Transportation Team with the Department of Public Safety (DPS) completed a user satisfaction survey that focused on the services our department provides to the Boise State community.  We are grateful for each response received.  This feedback has been instrumental in guiding programming conversations.  In response to the comments and feedback shared, we made several updates to our business model.  The changes are detailed below for your review:  

  • NEW – Academic Holds:  The update presented earlier today was inaccurate.  Our team is diligently working on system improvements for how and when an academic hold will be placed on a student’s account for parking and transportation violations.  As updates are available, we will share them with you.  Thank you for your patience and kindness as we work to improve our business and service model.
  • Scratch-Off Permits:  We are launching a new single-day (6am to midnight), single-use “scratch-off” permit that will be available beginning August 15.  When purchased, they allow the user access to any Reserve, Commuter, or Garage lot.  Each permit will cost $15.00, a $5.00 savings from the daily parking rate. We are also offering special pricing if you buy five scratch-off permits, the sixth is free. This is a total savings of $7.50 on the daily parking rate.  These permits will be for sale in the Transit Center, located on the first floor of the Student Union Building.
  • Resident CrossParking Opportunity:  We have decided to allow residents to purchase a “PM” permit for $84 per year,  in addition to their Resident pass if they choose. This will allow users the ability to cross park from 4:00 pm to midnight.
  • Impound Process Changes:  After careful consideration and evaluation, we’ve updated our impound procedures to support our goal of being an active partner with students at Boise State.  Vehicle immobilization will now take place after the sixth sequential unpaid parking citation.  Our team will provide proactive communication as each citation is issued providing multiple flexible payment options.  More information can be found on our citations cost web page.
  • Ticket Diversion Program: Unpaid parking citations may be waived if the receiving student is willing to complete community volunteer service hours in support of DPS.  A single $35.00 citation will be waived after three hours of completed service.  Additional hours may be completed to reduce larger citation balances.  This program is available only one time per academic period (up to three times per year).  If you would like an opportunity to reduce a citation, call our team at 208-426-7275.  More information can be found on our website.
  • ParkMobile Expansion:  All physical parking meters will be replaced on campus in partnership with ParkMobile.  Hourly or daily parking will be paid using the ParkMobile app rather than paying the meter with cash/credit.  Users will need to ensure their most recent license plate information is updated in their ParkMobile app.  More information on using ParkMobile can be found on their website..  Download ParkMobile and set-up your profile using  Android or Apple.
  • Event Parking Payments:  We are now also accepting credit cards as payment for event parking.  Our staff will have handheld card readers to process event or game day parking payments, making entry into parking lots much more efficient.
  • Student Event Jobs:  We’re hiring immediately and throughout the semester.  Our students receive competitive wages, flexible schedules, free meals during events, mentorship, and career development.  Apply and see how being a Department of Public Safety employee can support your future goals!
  • Part-time Jobs:  We are also hiring immediately and throughout the semester for a number of part-time jobs. Our student employees receive competitive wages, flexible schedules, free meals during events, mentorship, and career development.  If you are interested in a part-time position, contact us at
  • Rave Guardian:  This mobile safety app is a helpful tool that allows users to take a proactive role in their own personal safety.  More information on Rave Guardian and its benefits can be found on their website. To download the app,  visit the Google Play Store for Android or the Apple App Store. 

We continue to review survey responses and usage data for our services and look forward to being proactive and innovative in our business model.  Additional changes may be implemented as the needs of our community shift in the upcoming year.  We appreciate your time and thank you for your ongoing partnership. Please do not hesitate to contact our office at 208-426-7275 or if you have any questions.


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