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Transportation, Parking, and Safety Systems

Contact Information

Transportation, Parking, and Safety Systems

Parking and Transportation Operations

Chris Hansen
Associate Director of Parking Operations

Gabe Finkelstein
Assistant Director of Transportation

Safety, Parking and Transportation Systems

Mike Kennedy
Assistant Director of Public Safety Systems

Zane Hinely
Integrated Security Manager

Mudhafar Poules
Business Systems Manager

Event Operations
(208) 426-4380

Alyssa Satterlee
Event Operations Manager

Ashley Perez
Event Operations Coordinator

Heaven Rust
Event Operations Coordinator

Kevin Walton
Event Operations Coordinator

Transportation Projects and Maintenance

Torrance Thomas
Transportation Project Manager

Kim Gibbons
Maintenance Supervisor

Transportation and Enforcement
(208) 426-7275

Kat Roemer
Transportation and Enforcement Operations Manager

Skylar Ellingford
Transit Center Supervisor

Garth Lyon
Enforcement Supervisor

Active Transportation

Nick Duggan
Active Transportation Manager

Gabe Martinez
Shuttle Supervisor

Cycle Learning Center
(208) 426-7433

Toji Sakamoto
Multi-Modal Program Manager

Camille Jackson
Cycle Learning Center Supervisor

Fleet and Motor Pool Operations
(208) 426-3592

Larry Stolworthy
Fleet Manager

Cory Butler
Fleet Shop Foreman