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Access Control

Boise State University currently utilizes electronic access control for hundreds of doors across campus, with additional doors being converted from physical keyed doors each month. Electronic access control provides both secure and controlled entry while also allowing for auditing and modification on demand.

To contact us for electronic door access questions, concerns or changes email

Building Access / Hours

Building Access Hours Fall 2022

  • M-F 7 am – 10 pm (Doors Unlocked / After-hours Authorized users only)
  • Sat 7 am – 7 pm (Accessible to all users with a Boise State ID)
  • After hours / Sundays (Authorized users only)

This change only affects buildings with General Assignment classrooms. All other sites will remain unchanged unless requested otherwise.

Instructions for receiving or updating a Bronco Card can be found on the Information Desk’s website. Any user who has questions or issues with building access should contact If campus users find themselves locked out of buildings, they should contact campus security at (208) 426-6911.

Bronco Card provides access to university facilities including classrooms, offices, residence halls and the Recreation Center. This feature of the card – the ability to use it as a key to enter buildings equipped with electronic locks – will be of added importance for returning to campus this fall.

Though a Bronco Card will not always be required to enter buildings, users should still carry their card with them at all times to ensure they can retain access to a building. Bronco Cards can also be displayed digitally through the Boise State mobile app to verify identity but not to open electronic locks.