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  • Search for courses, and view your classes, Blackboard assignments, grades, and more.
  • Scan your phone instead of your Bronco Card at University Dining locations.
  • Faculty/staff directory.
  • Sign in once, stay signed in until your next password reset.
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Dine With Your Phone

Use Boise State Mobile instead of your Bronco Card for meals at University Dining locations, and check your flex dollars and meal plan info.

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About Boise State Mobile

General Questions

Why can't I get to Student Center, Blackboard, or BroncoMail in the app?

Student Center, Blackboard, BroncoMail (G Suite) and other University systems and applications work best in their own apps. We wanted to create a better Boise State mobile experience than just something that sends you over to other applications.

Blackboard mobile apps ares available for iOS and Android devices (See our website for information).

Student Center can be accessed on mobile devices by browsing to

Google offers iOS and Android applications for Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Docs, and more.

Does this replace the myBoiseState Mobile app?

Yes. Many features the old myBoiseState Mobile app are duplicated by browsing to on mobile devices.

We wanted to reimagine a new mobile experience for Boise State students focused on features best suited for today’s smartphones.

Sign In and Sign Out

How to sign in to Boise State Mobile

Active Boise State students can sign in to Boise State Mobile to view registered classes, grades, BroncoPrint balance, Bronco Card meal plan and flex dollar information, and other personalized information.

Students can sign in by selecting Login at the top-right of the screen and entering their Boise State username and password.

How to log out of Boise State Mobile

You can log out of Boise State Mobile by selecting the More tab at the bottom of the screen, then select Settings > Logout.

Why don't faculty or staff see any information when they log in?

Boise State Mobile is currently focused on the student experience at Boise State.

If you are faculty or staff and want to suggest improvements or features for future development, see the Feedback section below.

I'm having difficulty signing in on an Android device.

If you sign in to the app and the process appears to hang, try going to More > Settings and select Logout, then restart the app and repeat the login process.

If you’re unable to access More > Settings > Logout, launch the recent applications menu on your Android device, find the Boise State Mobile app in the list, then tap and hold on the app and swipe to the right.

Relaunch the application.

If you continue to have issues logging in, contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357 or email

What devices are supported for Boise State Mobile?

iOS Minimum Requirements

Boise State Mobile is supported on iPhone or iPod Touch devices running iOS 10 or later.

The application will work on iPads, but as it is designed for phone-sized screens the experience will be different.

Android Minimum Requirements

Boise State Mobile is supported on Android phones running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later.

The application will work on Android tablets, but as it is designed for phone-sized screens the experience will be different.

Help Improve Boise State Mobile

Why can't Boise State Mobile do ______________ ?

We are working on adding new features and improving the user experience of Boise State Mobile.

Help us build a better mobile experience by submitting your suggestions and requests!

Student Feedback

Student feedback helps us improve Boise State Mobile:

Student Feedback

Faculty Feedback

We want to know what faculty want in a mobile app:

Faculty Feedback

Staff Feedback

Tell us how to make Boise State Mobile useful for staff:

Staff Feedback

Need Assistance?

For official academic records, use myBoiseState or contact the Office of the Registar.

If you need assistance with Boise State Mobile, please contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357 or

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