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We’ll Miss the Vulture (Gorongosa News)

Woman holds vulture by the head and feet, another person holds a wing
Rebecca Bishop handling a trapped White-backed Vulture in the field in Mozambique, Africa at Gorongosa National Park (Photo credit: Jeremy Van Driessche)

Boise State University MS Raptor Biology student Rebecca Bishop, who recently defended her thesis, “A Novel Approach to the Nest Site Characterization of Two Species of Critically Endangered Vulture in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique,” and Boise State University Intermountain Bird Observatory Director Greg Kaltenecker (MS, Raptor Biology, ’97), were featured in a June 2023 article in the science magazine Nautilus titled “We’ll Miss the Vulture.” Select the link to read the full article about Bishop’s amazing vulture research in southeastern Africa using a drone supplied by the Raptor Research Center. Note: link may be subject to a paywall.

Read the Full Article: We’ll Miss the Vulture

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