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Thomason’s Research on Illegal Shooting of Raptors in National News

Swainson's Hawk taking flight from a power pole
A Swainson’s hawk taking flight from a power pole in the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area in southern Idaho. (photo credit: Eve Thomason)

The week of July 31, 2023, Eve Thomason’s (MS, Raptor Biology, ’23) thesis research was published in iScience. It described how illegal shooting, not electrocution, was the leading cause of death among raptors along power lines within four Western states. The publication led to the release of the news through multiple national outlets, with more to come. Follow links on this page to read more about the research by Thomason, Interim Raptor Research Center Director Jim Belthoff, Boise State University affiliate faculty Todd Katzner, and others. This research was supported by sponsored project funding from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and Edison Electric Institute, Inc. (Avian Power Line Interaction Committee). Logistical support for this research was provided by Boise State Univerity’s Raptor Research Center.

Read iScience Publication: Illegal shooting is now a leading cause of death of birds along power lines in the western USA

This post was last updated September 7, 2023, with additional national, state, and local news links.

A Selection of National News Releases:

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