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Raptor Biology Alumni Research

Each Master of Science in Raptor Biology graduate’s listing in the Alumni by Name with Theses Titles section includes their graduation year and a link to their thesis in Boise State University’s ScholarWorks once available. Some graduates also have links to other scholarly works, professional websites, or media featuring them.

Raptor biologists monitoring Prairie Falcon territory by the Snake River
Raptor biologists monitoring Prairie Falcon territory by the Snake River (photo credit: Steve Alsup)

Search MS Raptor Biology graduates below by raptor species, habitat type, environmental influences, fields of study (e.g., genetics, phenology, ecology), and more!

Alumni by Name with Theses Titles


Bishop, Rebecca, 2023

A Novel Approach to the Nest Site Characterization of Two Species of Critically Endangered Vulture in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique (not yet published)


Herting, Brian L., 2001

Seasonal Effects of Testosterone on Aggression and Vocalizations in Western Screech-owls

This thesis was not published in ScholarWorks. Contact Boise State University’s Albertsons Library for a copy of this thesis.

Honkomp, Nora, 2024

Biological and Environmental Factors Associated with the Autumn Migration Timing of North American Raptors (not yet published)



Ravecca, Eden, 2023

Unraveling the Complexities of Prairie Falcon (Falco mexicanus) Foraging in a Changing Landscape: A Movement Ecology Approach (not yet published)

Santiago, Ashley, 2024

Associations Between Landscape Changes And Declines In Golden Eagle Territory Occupancy In The Morley Nelson Snake River Birds Of Prey National Conservation Area (not yet published)


Taylor, Jessica, 2024

Nesting In Urban Areas Affects American Kestrel Home Range Size And Adult Female Health (not yet published)

Woods, Christopher P., 1994

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