Data Wrangling, Programming, & Source Control

Data Wrangling

We help tame unwieldy data with programming support to compile, discover, and analyze data for more efficient and accurate research, including:

  • Normalizing data to eliminate duplication and reconcile conflicting data-entry formats
  • Translating unreadable data formats to make the data readable, queryable, and discoverable both technically and conceptually
  • Developing and implementing queries to mine small and large data sets


Struggling with outdated or misbehaving software, repetitive tasks, or software that isn’t compatible with your data? We can do the following custom programming to streamline and scale up your data processing:

  • Tailor existing software and models to meet the needs of your research
  • Modify code to adapt to a new research problem
  • Provide development support for software designed to your specifications
  • Debug existing software
  • Assess and address performance issues with existing software

Source Control & Task Management

We help you with access to source-control software to track the progress of your project using GitHub or alternatives. We assist with set up, repository management, and maintenance so tasks are managed throughout the life of your project and to help with:

  • Version control
  • Debugging
  • Reverting to or compare with earlier versions
  • Managing multiple developer contributions
  • Experimenting with new features

For information on private git repositories, email