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Your Guide to Fitness and Wellness

About Us: Delve into our story, values, and commitment to community fitness and wellness. Learn how we strive to provide top-notch facilities, programs, resources, and opportunities. Additionally how we foster a welcoming environment for all Broncos, promoting health and fitness, and creating memorable experiences.

Member Services: Unlock exclusive benefits and services available to members of The Rec Center. From personalized fitness plans to group classes and wellness workshops, We’re here to support your health journey every step of the way. Browse the variety of membership options Campus Recreation offers to best serve the Boise State Community.

Certifications: Gain the skills and certifications you need to excel in the fitness industry. For instance, discover training programs, workshops, and certifications offered at The Rec Center. Our programs are designed to elevate your expertise and career prospects.

Job Opportunities: Ready to turn your passion for fitness into a career? Explore exciting job openings at The Rec Center. From fitness instructors to administrative roles, find your perfect fit and join our dedicated team.

Whether you’re looking to learn, apply, or join, we’re excited to welcome you to our community of health and wellness enthusiasts. If you have any questions about these resources and opportunities, please contact us at or call us at (208) 426-1131.