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Wilderness First Responder Courses

Discover the gateway to expert-level wilderness medical skills through our Wilderness First Responder Courses (WFR). You can also refresh your current certification with our recertification program. We offer in-depth programs in partnership with the acclaimed National Outdoor Leadership School’s Wilderness Medicine Institute. These courses are designed to help you learn the critical knowledge necessary for outdoor environments. You will learn what to do when access to medical care may be constrained by time, distance, or communication barriers.

Our WFR program is structured as a hybrid model. It combines self-paced asynchronous learning modules with immersive 5-day in-person training sessions. You will dive deep into scenarios and practical exercises to master life-saving techniques and decision-making skills. Everything you learn in this course will be essential knowledge to have for handling emergencies in remote settings.

Similarly, our recertification WFR course follows the same hybrid approach, blending pre-course asynchronous coursework with a condensed 2-day in-person training session to ensure you stay current with the latest protocols and best practices.

For more details on the wilderness first responder courses or to secure your spot, please click on the provided links. Additionally, if you’re interested in other similar oppurtunities, click here to explore our wide range of certifications.