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Water Safety Instructor Certification

Do you love to swim and want to help others swim safely? The Water Safety Instructor Certification will prepare you to teach American Red Cross Water Safety Course, including Parent/Child Aquatics, PreSchool Aquatics, Learn-to-Swim, Basic Water Safety, and many more! Whether you want to splash around with children and teach them to swim safely, help swimmers of all ages refine their strokes, or teach diving safety techniques, this is the course for you.

Must be at least 16 years of age and be able to complete the pre-course swimming skills at a Learn-to-Swim Level 4 ability (according to the LTS Level 4 Stroke Performance Chart). The skills are:

  • 25 yards Front Crawl (aka Freestyle)
  • 25 yards Back Crawl (aka Backstroke)
  • 25 yards Breaststroke
  • 25 yards Elementary Backstroke
  • 25 yards Sidestroke
  • 15 yards Butterfly
  • Maintain position on back for 1 minute in deep water (floating or sculling)
  • Tread water for 1 minute (sculling is allowed)

Failure to pass the precourse requirements will result in inability to participate in the course and no refunds will be given.

This is a blended learning class, with some of the lecture conducted through online content. Links will be emailed out a few days before class starts and can be completed over the course of the class dates.

A minimum of 4 participants is needed by the registration deadline for the class to run. No refunds will be given for dropping the class.

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