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Registering for Co-Requisite Classes

Log in to myBoiseState.

Click the Student Center link under My Resources.

Click the Student Homepage tile.

example of clicking the student homepage button.

Select Class Search Enrollment.

Example of clicking the Class Search Enrollment link.

Select Class Search and Enroll tab. Search for the classes. For more information on searching for classes see Search for Classes.

Example of clicking the tab for Class Search and Enroll.

Adding Classes to Shopping Cart

After you have searched for the class. Select a course from the list of available classes by clicking the course.

Example of selecting a class from list of available courses

Confirm you want to add the class and click Next.

Example of reviewing the class selected.


Review your class preferences, such as Permission Number and Grading Basis. Click Accept when you are ready to proceed.

Example of reviewing class preferences.


Select Add to Shopping Cart. Click Next.

Example of choosing add to shopping cart.


Confirm the class and click Submit.

Example of reviewing the class before submitting.


The class will be added to your shopping cart.

Example of successfully adding a class to your shopping cart.

Add the other co-requisite class to your shopping cart by repeating the steps above.

Error Message

If you try to enroll without putting both classes in your Shopping Cart first, you will receive an error message saying that the system is unable to complete your request. Both classes must be placed into your Shopping Cart in order to enroll.

Example of error message when trying to enroll in a class without the co-requisite.


Enrolling from the Shopping Cart

Select the Shopping Cart tab.

Example of selecting the Shopping Cart tab.

Select the both of the classes that are co-requisites of each other. Click the Enroll button and confirm.

Example of selecting classes to enroll in from the shopping cart.


Verify that your enrollment status was successful. You may want to print your class schedule to confirm the class has been added completely.

Example of successfully enrolling in classes from the shopping cart.


Need Assistance?

Contact the Office of the Registrar at (208) 426-4249, (800) 824-7017, or email