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Classroom or Computer Lab Classroom Reservation Request

This form is used to schedule one-time events in general assignment academic and computer lab classrooms. Only Boise State employees or members of officially recognized student organizations may reserve general assignment and computer lab classrooms. If you are not affiliated with Boise State, please contact University Event Services at 426-1677 or

When your request is approved and processed, you will be sent a confirmation email. To cancel a reservation, complete the form below. To make changes to an existing reservation, contact

No events are scheduled in classrooms or computer labs during Finals Week. Requests for the current semester are scheduled within 3 business days of request receipt. Requests for future semesters are accepted, but placed on hold until after all academic courses are scheduled.

General Assignment space requests for the upcoming weekend must be submitted by 12 noon on the Wednesday prior.

Classroom or Computer Lab Classroom Reservation Request Form

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