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Providing Equal Access to People with Disabilities

Boise State is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive campus environment by abiding by the letter and spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Accordingly, the university does not discriminate against persons with disabilities and strives to provide an exceptional academic experience for students with disabilities by providing reasonable and appropriate accommodations for equitable access.

Educational Access Center

Boise State’s Educational Access Center (EAC) coordinates services to meet the educational needs of students with documented disabilities. The EAC works with students and faculty to arrange reasonable accommodations and promote an environment that is free of both physical and attitudinal barriers. Students with disabilities needing accommodations to participate fully in academic programming should contact the EAC. All accommodations must be approved through the EAC prior to being implemented. To learn more about the accommodation process, visit the EAC’s website.

Employees or applicants for employment who require disability-related services or accommodations should contact Human Resource Services located at 2225 W. University Drive, Capitol Village #3, MS 1265, Boise, ID 83725 or by phone at (208) 426-1616. More information on requesting an accommodation is available here.

Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics

Boise State’s Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics monitors compliance with Section 504 and the ADA and coordinates the university’s response to complaints of discrimination on the basis of disability. Individuals with questions or concerns related to the university’s obligations in regard to these laws and those who wish to file a complaint may contact the Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics: Riverfront Hall, Suite 306, 1910 University Drive, MS 1215, Boise, ID 83725, telephone: (208) 426-1258, email:

Additional Inquiries

In addition to the Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics, inquiries may be directed to the federal department responsible for enforcing Section 504 in the educational context: Office for Civil Rights, Seattle Office, U.S. Department of Education, 915 Second Avenue, Room 3310, Seattle, WA 98174-1099, telephone: (206) 607-1600, fax: (206) 607-1601, email:

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