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Research Security

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Boise State University is responsible for the security of the research conducted at the University. Research Security focuses on the integrity and protection of the research ecosystem. This encompasses safeguarding sensitive information and intellectual property and mitigating the unwarranted influence of foreign governments within research while supporting collaborative and open research where possible.

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For any questions or concerns regarding research security, please contact us.

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Export Controls

Our faculty and staff conduct substantive and important research that contributes regionally, nationally, and internationally. However, such research must be carried out in a careful fashion because, at times, even if unintended, some research may include significant safety risks to the public or have potential applications in military, space, or intelligence fields. When addressing export control, exporting does not simply mean taking research information or equipment out of the country; it also means sharing it with certain individuals here in the U.S., or even on campus, who could then be deemed to have taken that product or information abroad.

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Controlled Data

Restricted or Controlled Data is confidential or sensitive information requiring a high level of security and privacy protection. The unauthorized disclosure, alteration, or destruction of restricted or controlled data could cause a significant level of risk to institutional operations, institutional assets, or an individual.

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Report Noncompliance

Boise State University is responsible for the integrity of the research conducted at the University. The University has policies and procedures for the inquiry and investigation of allegations of research misconduct and noncompliance with due care to protect the rights of those making the allegations, those accused, and the University. The University has explicit procedures for addressing incidences in which there are allegations of misconduct in research.

To report noncompliance or share questions or concerns regarding research allegations or research misconduct, contact:

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CITI Training Requirements

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) is a web-based training program hosted by the University of Miami that offers training in human subjects research protections, animal care and use, biosafety, the responsible conduct of research, and export controls.

Boise State uses the CITI Program to deliver online training for its research compliance programs:

  • Animal Care and Use
  • Biosafety
  • Export Controls
  • Human Subjects Research
  • Responsible Conduct of Research

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