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About Us

The HCRI is a community of researchers and practitioners dedicated to improving society’s resilience to natural hazards and the impacts of a changing climate.

HCRI Leaders

Dr. Brittany Brand

Executive Director

Carson MacPherson-Krutsky

Community Engagement Coordinator

Executive Team

Dr. Kelly Rossetto

Personal Resilience Communication

Dr. Bhaskar Chittoori

Infrastructure Resilience Civil Engineering

Dr. Luke Montrose

Environmental Health Community and Environmental Health

Rob Littrell

Boise State Emergency Manager

Dr. Jayash Paudel

Environmental Economics

Dr. Emily Wakild

Environmental Studies and History

Dr. Matthew Isbell

Organizational Development Communication

Dr. Saleh Ahmed

Urban Planning Change Global Studies

Advisory Board

Michael Lindell

Former Director for Texas A&M Hazards Center

Liisa Itkonen

COMPASS (Metropolitan Planning)

Rob Flaner


Paul Marusich

Ada County Emergency Planner

Megan Gambs

Boise State STEM & Diversity

Stephanie Witt

Boise State Public Policy

Eric Lindquist

Boise State Public Policy

HCRI Members

Check out our members here!

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