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You can help us in our mission

The Hazard and Climate Resilience Institute is committed to helping our community prepare for natural hazards and adapt to a changing world.

Donate to the HCRI

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The HCRI is dedicated to exploring the multidimensional nature of resilience through integration of disciplinary expertise and strong community partnerships. They will advance science while simultaneously promoting real world change. But, we need your help.

Your financial support provides applied research experiences for our students, enabling them to develop skills while making an impact in Idaho communities. Your gift also helps us reach more communities.Together, we build resilience locally, across Idaho, and beyond. 

  • Honorariums for speakers ($100)
  • Printing informational materials ($100 – $300)
  • Design costs for Institute marketing materials, which aim to increase membership or advertise our community engagement efforts  ($300 – $5000)
  • Support an Undergraduate Research Project. ($500 – $2000)
  • Support a Graduate Research Project. ($2,000 – $50,000)
  • Support a city resilience assessment and resilience strategy. ($50,000 – $200,000)

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