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Dr. Eric Lindquist Profile

Dr. Eric Lindquist

About Me

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Associate Professor
School of Public Service
Boise State University
1910 University Drive
Boise, Idaho 83725-1535

Phone: (208) 426-3770
Office: Environmental Research Building 2141

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Faculty page

Research Areas

  • Public policy
  • Policy sciences
  • Emerging technologies
  • Natural hazard and disaster policy

My research in volcanology focuses on understanding the dynamics, run-out distance, and hazard potential of volcanic flows.


Collaboration interests include the science-policy nexus, inter- and transdisciplinary research, hazards and Big Data.


  • Kimberly Gardner, PPA PhD program.
  • Frances Lippitt, PPA MPA program


  • Climate change policy
  • Urban studies intro
  • Big Data and public sector decision making

Community Partners

  • Dr. Susanne Sargeant, British Geological Survey
  • Dr. Heidi Kreibich, Hemholz-Zentrum, Potsdam
  • Dr. Jorg Balsiger, Mountain Research Institute
  • Dr. Jeryl Mumpower, Bush School of Government and Public Service
  • Liz Paul, Boise River Enhancement Network
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