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National Science Foundation EPSCoR Track II

Genes by Environment: Modeling, Mechanisms, and Mapping (GEM3)”


GEM3 Seed Funding allows project leadership and the Idaho research community to respond quickly and effectively to new opportunities as well as pursue high impact, potentially transformative research. Its principal objective is to catalyze new research on focal species, species interactions, ecosystems, genomics/phenomics, and other emerging areas related to the scope of the GEM3 award. It is aimed at groups or individuals that emphasize the collaborative development and testing of important ideas and theories, cutting-edge analysis of recent or existing data and information, and/or investigation of social ecological systems issues.


  • Small Research Seed Funding: (up to $50,000 direct cost for one year): The primary purpose of these awards will be to support the ideas of early career faculty who are initiating new research on topics related to GEM3; established faculty pursuing new research directions are also eligible. The award will provide support for exploratory and/or high-risk, high-return research for which preliminary data are needed to write competitive grant proposals.
  • Large Research Seed Funding: (up to $150,000 direct cost total for no more than two years): These awards will support collaborative research in topics related to GEM3. Proposing teams must include faculty from at least two Idaho academic institutions and at least two disciplines (e.g., biology, geosciences, social science). Projects also must integrate research across at least two GEM3 components (Modeling, Mechanisms, Mapping). Collaboration with tribal, state or federal agency, or industry collaborators is encouraged.
  • Workforce Development Seed Funding: (up to $30,000 direct cost for one year): These awards will provide support to strengthen education, workforce development, internship and/or training opportunities related to GEM3, including with agency, underrepresented community, or tribal collaborators. Proposed activities must be coordinated with ongoing GEM3 programming.

Due Date:

February 14, 2019

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