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Limited Submission Notice: NSF Regional Innovation Engines (NSF Engines)


National Science Foundation (NSF)


The NSF Regional Innovation Engines (NSF Engines) program is a bold new initiative, committed to creating regional-scale, technology-driven innovation ecosystems throughout every region of the United States, accelerating emerging technologies, driving economic growth, addressing key societal challenges, and maintaining national competitiveness.

The NSF Engines program aims to fund regional coalitions of partnering organizations to establish NSF Engines that will catalyze technology and science-based regional innovation ecosystems. Each Engine must focus on addressing specific aspects of a major societal and/or economic challenge that are of significant interest in the Engine’s defined “region of service,” where such a region could range from a metropolitan area (including its adjacent rural regions) to an area spanning parts of several states. The mission of an Engine must be clearly rooted in regional interests and the development of regional talent. The emphasis on “regions” expresses NSF’s aim to stimulate innovation driven economic growth within a particular region of service. The NSF Engines program is particularly interested in creating new business and economic growth in those regions of America that have not fully participated in the technology boom of the past several decades.

Two (2) types of proposals will be accepted under the NSF Engines program. Type-1 are development awards intended for laying the groundwork for submitting a Type-2.  Type-2 are for regions that are prepared to launch an Engine.

For more information, view the full NSF Regional Innovation Engines Broad Agency Announcement (NSFBAA-ENGINES-2022-05-1) (available in the “Attachments/Links” section of the linked webpage).


Up to $1M for 24 months for Type-1 Awards.  Type-2 Awards will be for up to $160M over 10 years.

Limited Submission Requirements and Timeline:

One (1) proposal per institution is permitted as the lead.

Since only one (1) proposal is permitted and the Type-2 proposals/awards will be a large institutional effort, the Division of Research and Economic Development is seeking interest from the campus community in this program.  If you are interested in participating in or contributing to an Engines proposal, please send an email indicating your interest to by May 27, 2022.

Interested parties will be invited to participate in information sessions in June.

Key Submission Dates:

  • May 27, 2022 – Email indicating interest due to
  • June 2022 – Internal Information Sessions
  • June 30, 2022 – Concept Outlines due to NSF
  • August 31, 2022 – Type-1 Letters of Intent due to NSF
  • September 22, 2022 – OSP Document Deadline for Type-1 Proposals
  • September 29, 2022 – Type-1 Full Proposals due to NSF
  • TBD in in Federal Fiscal Year 2023 – Type-2 Letters of Intent due to NSF
  • TBD in in Federal Fiscal Year 2023 – Type-2 Full Proposals due to NSF


Did you find a limited submission opportunity?  Email us at