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Progress on the PI Dashboard

You should soon see this in the UPDATE, but we wanted to alert you to the following description of the Next Frontier Project:

Phase 1 of the project is to “identify the current state and issues with the data infrastructure and ecosystem so that Boise State can support efforts in student success and research, facilitate effective academic decision-making, and accelerate progress toward the Blueprint for Success.” During this phase, our two consultant companies will be facilitating meetings with stakeholders across campus, including many of you. If you receive a Next Frontier Project meeting invitation from Moriah O’Kelley or Jennifer Jayne, please attend or ask someone to attend on your behalf. These are critical opportunities to identify requirements for your operational and analytical reporting.

With respect to the PI Dashboard, please note the following in the above project description:

“As a companion to these consultant-led meetings, campus units engaged in research and creative activities will be receiving a targeted Qualtrics survey to gather requirements for the ‘PI Dashboard,’ which is one specific deliverable of the overall project.” We are working on the survey and plan to send it to each of you sometime this month. Because this survey specifically addresses the PI Dashboard, it’s another critical opportunity to provide insight into your needs.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Matt Smith at