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Limited Submission Notice: Idaho Department of Commerce Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission (FY24 Round 1)


Idaho Department of Commerce


The mission of the Idaho Department of Commerce Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission (IGEM-Commerce) program is to advance new technologies, scientific developments, and or industry changing services to commercialization. Commercialization is the process of bringing new products or services to the market. IGEM-Commerce accomplishes its mission by strategically sponsoring commercialization research at Idaho’s public universities. To be eligible for an IGEM-Commerce grant, an established partnership must exist between an Idaho public research university and an industry partner(s). The partnership must be focused on leveraging research to advance the new technology, product, or service towards market viability. The grant can fund research initiatives, where additional research is conducted on Boise State owned technology with the industry partner acting as the commercialization arm, or, alternatively, the industry partner can own the technology and Boise State will provide additional research necessary to advance the technology towards commercialization.

This is the first round of funding for the FY24 IGEM-Commerce program. Two other submission rounds will be conducted for the FY24 program, subject to funding availability, in January and April 2024.


The IGEM-Commerce program has an annual budget of $950,000. While there is no limit on individual grant amounts, IGEM-Commerce has previously funded grants ranging from $41,000 to $427,000.

Limited Submission Requirements and Timeline:

Only proposals approved by the Division of Research and Economic Development may be submitted to this program. For such approval, Principal Investigators must first submit a one- to two-page white paper, which includes a description of the current technology, the proposed research, how the research will advance the technology towards commercialization, the amount of funding request, and details about the current relationship with the industry partner and proposed commercialization pathway, to by September 1, 2023, by 4 PM.

PIs must reach out to Brett Adkins, Director of Technology Transfer, for guidance prior to submitting a white paper: or

If selected to submit a full proposal, PIs must ensure that proposals meet all requirements listed on the IGEM-Commerce Website, in this announcement, and in the implementing laws and regulations related to this state grant program.

All IGEM-Commerce proposals must comprise an established partnership between at least one company and Boise State University (additional collaboration with University of Idaho and/or Idaho State University is also encouraged).

Advancement of all IGEM Commerce white papers and proposals will be based on the following criteria:

  • Technology readiness level
  • Likelihood proposed research will lead to commercialization of a product/service
  • Business viability
  • Commercialization pathway
  • Potential to create economic impact in Idaho

Key Submission Dates:

September 1 by 4 PM – White paper due to

September 8 – Internal Awardees Notified

October 4 – All final proposal documents due to OSP

October 11 – Full proposal due to Idaho Department of Commerce

Important Note on Industry Partner Requirements:

All proposals must have an Industry Partner and “all approved awards are required to include a monetary or in-kind contribution from the Industry Partner.” IDAPA §28.02.07 (301). As defined, an Industry Partner “designs, produces, or sells goods or services or that contractually agrees to undertake such acts in connection with technologies licensed or otherwise transferred to the entity by a University.” IDAPA §28.02.07(010.07).

Specifically, Industry Partners on IGEM-Commerce proposal are required to:

  • Make a contribution to the project, whether monetary or in-kind;
  • Contribute market information, business and strategic plans, and other required information to the proposal;
  • Present before the IGEM-Commerce Council, if the proposed project is selected for in-person review; and
  • Negotiate with Boise State University in good faith to license and commercialize the research outputs of the IGEM-Commerce funded.



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