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2023 Potential Federal Government Shutdown

Dear Campus Research Community,

The Federal government has not yet passed appropriations bills to fund government operations for the new Federal fiscal year (starting on October 1, 2023). A full or partial shutdown is possible. Each Federal agency may handle the shutdown and determination of essential personnel differently. If the shutdown occurs, the Office of Sponsored Programs expects that each agency will provide guidance concerning operations during the shutdown.

Generally, such plans have had little to no impact on currently funded grants and cooperative agreements. Federal appointments and Federal contracts may be impacted on a case-by-case basis. Projects should continue unless advised otherwise by your Federal sponsors and the Office of Sponsored Programs. The Office of Sponsored Programs will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed.

To be proactive, please see the following tips:

  • Identify federally funded grants that expire or may require competitive continuations between October and December 2023. Request any sponsor required prior approvals now, including, but not limited to, No Cost Extension requests and Budget Adjustment Requests.
  • Resolve pending programmatic issues with your program officials before September 30, anticipating potential Federal office disruptions.
  • Ensure pending expenses are posted to your sponsored accounts, as the Office of Sponsored Programs will plan to invoice or draw funds as early as we can if a shutdown becomes imminent.
  • Adhere to currently posted guidelines for grant submissions. Submission deadlines after September 30 may be affected. Agencies will post or share updates to deadlines as needed.
  • Plan for impacts of delayed receipt of funding during this period by submitting an Advance Department ID/Advance Spending Request.

Please direct specific proposal or project inquiries to or (208) 426-4420.