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Limited Submission Notice: Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission Initiative Higher Education Research Council (IGEM-HERC)


Idaho State Board of Education – Higher Education Research Council


IGEM-HERC goals are to: a) leverage the talents and expertise of Idaho’s research-active faculty and staff and the private sector to further the economic vitality of Idaho; and, b) create a platform to facilitate and accelerate the transfer of technology from Idaho’s state research institutions and into the private sector. In short, the IGEM invests in good ideas that promote economic development.

For more details and information, please view the full FY2025 RFP available at the IGEM-HERC website.


The IGEM-HERC program’s current annual state appropriation is $2.1M which will be spread across awards in all three tracks.

Proposal Tracks

  1. The Proof of Concept track is a high risk, proof of concept opportunity. Estimated length of project = 1 year. Estimated awards = 3-5. Total funds available for all awards in Track 1 = $400,00.
  2. The Initial Startup track is ideal for seed projects where a concept has been proven and developmental milestones are achievable. Estimated length of project = 1-2 years. Estimated awards = 2-4. Total funds available for all awards in Track 2 = $600,000.
  3. The Innovation track proposals are reviewed and funded by milestones, or stages, rather than as an all or nothing research project. Innovation awards are scaled as successive milestones are achieved. Estimated length of project = 2-3 years. Estimated awards = 2-5. Total funds available for all awards in Track 3 = $1,100,000.

Limited Submission Requirements and Timeline:

Only pre-proposals approved by the Division of Research and Economic Development may be submitted to this program. For such approval, Principal Investigators must first submit a rough draft of the required pre-proposal to by 1PM on October 18, 2023. The pre-proposal must be submitted using Form A: Pre-Proposal Template found in the RFP linked above.

A limit of three (3) pre-proposals per track (up to 9 total from BSU) will be advanced to the IGEM-HERC Pre-Proposal stage.

If selected to submit a pre-proposal (and, later, a full proposal) to IGEM-HERC, PIs must ensure that (pre-)proposals meet all requirements listed on the IGEM-HERC Website, in this announcement, and in the implementing laws and regulations related to this state grant program.

Key Submission Dates:

October 18 by 1 PM – Draft of Pre-Proposal due to

October 23 – Internal Awardees Notified of Approval to Submit Pre-Proposal to IGEM-HERC

October 27 – Pre-Proposal due to OSP for Official Submission to IGEM-HERC*

October 30 – OSP to submit Pre-Proposal due to IGEM-HERC program

March 15, 2024 – Full proposal due to IGEM-HERC

*Note: there is no requirement to process the Pre-Proposal through OSP Pre-Award at this stage; however, IGEM-HERC requires OSP to submit the pre-proposal, so the full pre-proposal in final form must be sent to OSP Pre-Award by 10/27. When invited to submit a full proposal to IGEM-HERC, PIs must notify OSP Pre-Award and follow normal Pre-Award processes prior to full proposal submission.

Important Note on Requirements:

It is highly preferred that applicants submitting an IGEM-HERC proposal have attended or are registered to attend I-Corps programming. I-Corps is a program designed by the NSF to increase the economic impact of university research.

  • Both the pre and full IGEM HERC proposals are heavily evaluated on the project’s commercialization potential. I-Corps methodology can be utilized to identify target customers and establish a product-market fit, both of which can be leveraged when crafting your IGEM HERC commercialization strategy. Incorporating lessons learned from I-Corps into the research and development plan will help derisk a technology, thereby improving the chances of, not only an IGEM HERC award, but also future commercial success and further incentivize follow-on funding and industry partners to take your technology to market.
  • Additional information regarding I-Corps and upcoming cohort registration information can be found here. Please contact with any I-Corps questions.

Did you find a limited submission opportunity? Email us at