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Generative AI in Education and Research Panel Discussion (October 11th)

Recently, the Division of Research and Economic Development participated with other universities in a U.S. government delegation to South Africa and Namibia. To build momentum and identify educational and research collaboration opportunities among the 40+ institutions of higher education involved, there is an effort to have regular opportunities to share interests and institutional strengths. The first in this series of events is a “Generative AI in Education and Research” hybrid panel discussion on Wednesday, October 11th at 7:00 AM MST that will be hosted by Old Dominion University and Namibia University of Science and Technology. We know it’s early (time zone issues), but we encourage you to attend if you can. The Zoom link is available here.

Objectives of the panel discussion are:

• To familiarize participants with the capabilities and functions of ChatGPT and its role in the GPT series.
• Exploring how ChatGPT can be integrated into various educational tools, platforms, and practices to enhance student learning and engagement.
• Delve into the myriad ways researchers are leveraging ChatGPT for diverse research purposes – from brainstorming to data analysis.
• Highlighting the ethical implications of using AI in education and research, including concerns about data privacy, the quality of generated content, and potential biases in the model.
• Discussing the potential future advancements in the domain of AI in education and research and the role ChatGPT might play in them.

In November, BSU, University of Namibia, and Stellenbosch University will be leading a session on cybersecurity matters. More information is forthcoming.