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Information Session for I-CREWS Seed Funding Awards (Small)

This Seed Funding program is part of  Idaho Community-engaged Resilience for Energy-Water (E-W) Systems (I-CREWS), Idaho’s multi-year (2023-2028) statewide National Science Foundation (NSF) Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) Track-1 Research Infrastructure Improvement (RII) award. Seed Funds are intended to catalyze projects in emerging areas that are clearly related to (but do not duplicate) the research and education theme of I-CREWS.

Next week there will be two optional Open Forum times for anyone to join and ask questions about the Seed Funding announcement. These are:

  • Monday, May 6th at 10 am PT (11 am MT)
  • Tuesday, May 7th at 12 pm PT (1 pm MT)

To receive a Zoom link, contact Peggy Martinez at

Additional Information

These awards are expected primarily to be led by early-career researchers initiating research directly related to E-W Systems. Established or mid-career researchers seeking to expand or apply their expertise into a new E-W research direction are also eligible. Current participation in the I-CREWS project is not required for eligibility.


Up to $55,000


Up to one (1) year. Projects that can be initiated during summer 2024 are strongly encouraged. All projects must begin no later than August 2024.


May 30, 2024

For additional information, view the full Idaho NSF EPSCoR I-CREWS Seed Funding Opportunity solicitation.