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Disclose An Innovation

OTT is here to work for you; we help to protect and bring your technology to the market where it can have social and economic impact. Start the process by completing the Invention Disclosure Form via the link below:

Download Invention Disclosure Form (Word)

When to Submit an Invention Disclosure

If you have created a technology that could be developed into a product or service that benefits society or has potential commercial value, you should submit an invention disclosure.

A non-limiting list of inventions includes:

  • a device,
  • a therapeutic,
  • a process or method of completing a task,
  • software,
  • materials,
  • a new composition of matter,
  • or an improvement to existing technology.

Disclosing an invention to OTT early in the process can help facilitate its development, protection, and commercialization, maximizing its potential impact and value.

You should disclose the technology to OTT before any public disclosure, failure to do so may prevent OTT from being able to protect the technology. 

What Information You’ll Need to Provide

Here is the essential information necessary for OTT to evaluate the patentability and commercial potential of the invention.  All information will be kept confidential.

  • Title: A short generic title of the invention.
  • Description of the invention: Both a general and technical description. The general description should include a layperson’s summary, identify the core concept/idea that makes the invention unique, and features and benefits that differentiate the invention from existing technologies. The detailed description should include and manuscripts, data, posters or other presented material as well as short discussion of proposed ongoing research.
  • Funding Source(s): Many sponsors, including the federal sponsors, require that inventions resulting from sponsored research be reported to the sponsor.
  • Disclosure Dates: Provide all past or planned dates for manuscript publications, presentations, public use, or otherwise making the invention available to the public.  (Note: public disclosure prior to filing a patent application can prevent OTTs ability to protect your innovation.)
  • Commercial Potential: Identify known similar technologies and any companies/organizations that you think could benefit from the use of the technology.
  • Inventors and their contact information: An inventor is an individual who, alone or with others, contributed to the conception of the invention.

What is the Benefit to Submitting an Invention Disclosure?

Disclosing an invention to OTT offers several benefits for faculty, researchers, and Boise State:

  • Access to resources to further the development of your technology.
  • Fosters a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and encourages your colleagues to pursue research with social and economic impact.
  • Networking and Partnerships. OTT can connect you to industry partners, investors, and entrepreneurs who can help advance your technology towards commercialization.
  • Fulfillment of university obligation. Boise State policy requires employees disclose their inventions to OTT.


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