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Experiential Learning Lab Video Transcript

Our new Experiential Learning Lab is a shared space with our colleagues in Radiologic Sciences. The room has five bays, a small classroom space, and houses our Gaumard HAL Simulation Mannequin, affectionately known as HAL. Students are able to practice their Respiratory Care skills on HAL, an advanced multi-purpose patient simulator, specifically designed to simulate lifelike cases across a broad range of clinical areas. HAL can be programmed to simulate a lifelike patient encounter for our students. He can say a variety of phrases in English, Spanish, French, and German, such as: “I feel fine.” We can intubate and ventilate HAL as well as alter his lung mechanics for different disease resistance and compliance. His breath, heart, and bowel sounds can be programmed to simulate different scenarios. HAL can also be programmed to do a series of things over a span of time to demonstrate the clinical progression that a patient may have. In addition to HAL, our students are trained on nine different ventilators that Respiratory Care practitioners use in a patient care setting. We have six Critical Care ventilators, two home ventilators, and one non-invasive ventilator. At Boise State we take pride in our nationally recognized Respiratory Care Program. Helping train students to become Respiratory Care practitioners as they help patients across the world. Learn more today at

Go Bronchi!