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A degree requirement for the RRT to BS program are 26 upper division challenge credits. These come from holding your RRT credential and cost $200.

Our new Refer a Colleague Program allows the challenge credits fee to be waived.

How to receive challenge credits?

Transfer students will complete 30 credits in online classes and file paperwork to be awarded 26 upper division credits for prior learning (challenge credit for RRT credential). Having the RRT credential prior to admission to the degree advancement program enables students to challenge the 26 upper division credits of the junior year.

  • Students must have earned 12 Respiratory Care credits from Boise State prior to processing the paperwork for the challenge credits.
  • Via BroncoMail, students will be contacted by the RRTBS email with payment and processing instructions once the 12 credits have been earned.
  • Students must be enrolled in classes when the challenge credit paperwork is processed.